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Gareth’s pledge to Flitton, Greenfield and Pulluxhill

Mid Beds District Council Election 3rd May 2007


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Housing Developments and Travellers

I will fight unsustainable development in, and between, our villages. I oppose the Government’s plans for thousands of new houses in Mid Bedfordshire, which ignore the ability of the district to absorb the expansion and of local facilities and services to support them. Housing developments are crammed into back gardens and open spaces without any thought for the effects on traffic and transport, schools, healthcare and the environment.

I will fight unsustainable new gypsy and traveller sites in our villages. It is important that we all return the questionnaire sent out by Mid Beds District Council or write a letter. Be sure to focus on the sustainability of the proposed sites, in other words, access to shops, schools, healthcare and employment. MBDC does have a responsibility to provide sites for gypsies and travellers, provided they have local ties. But, sites should also not adversely affect the existing community and environment. The deadline for consultation is 30th April 2007, so make sure you send your replies in by then. Visit my web site at http://flittonhill.blogspot.com for a link to the MBDC web site where you can download the relevant documents.

Road Safety

I will work to make our roads safer. We need enforced speed and weight limits, adequate footpaths and then to encourage cycling and walking. This is important for our environment and also our health. Children need a safe environment where they can learn to get round independently. These villages, which have become rat runs for commuter and business traffic, were once tranquil, peaceful places to live. I will lobby for improved bus services and return to tranquillity.

Climate Change

I will seek to raise awareness of what can be done to combat climate change. Climate change will affect us all, and we all have a responsibility to do our bit. MBDC can make real difference, through planning controls, through enforced building standards and by its own use. Energy saving cuts bills as well as helping to save the environment.


I have been a school governor at Greenfield Lower School for the last 5 years and know what a fantastic job the teachers do with limited facilities. Having opposed the proposed change from a three tier to two tier system, I will fight to see that our local schools receive the investment they need to maintain their excellent performance.

Litter and Dog Mess

I will take action on the dreadful situation with litter not being cleared from the roads and verges within and between our villages. Our Council Taxes should provide for regular clearing of litter, which is unfortunately happening only through the efforts of our Parish Councils, with the help of volunteers. There is also an urgent need to enforce the law regarding dog mess on public highways and footpaths. As a Flitton resident, I am very aware of this problem and will seek enforcement measures.

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Local Democracy

I am a member of the Parish Plan committee which has been collating views on a vision for Flitton and Greenfield and developing a consultation questionnaire, to be circulated shortly. I will continue to seek the opinions of all residents on what YOU want to see happen in Flitton, Greenfield and Pulloxhill. If elected as your Councillor, I will represent YOUR VIEWS to the Council.

This is a Local Election and I am your Local Candidate. However much you may want it, this election is not about getting rid of the Labour Government. If you are unhappy with local Council services or the way that our villages are being represented, remember that your present Councillor does not live here. If you want change and dedication to Flitton, Greenfield and Pulloxhill issues, vote for me.


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On 3rd May Vote Gareth Ellis
Your Green Party candidate

Above all, please use your vote

Last time I was only 55 votes short of being elected. Your vote will make a difference.


Photo of Gareth Ellis Gareth Ellis
6, Flitton Hill,
MK45 5EA.
Phone 0780 987 3124
Email gareth.ellis.flitton@ntlworld.com
or why not click here to visit my blog?



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Promoted by Marc Scheimann, of 39a Stockwood Crescent, Luton LU1 3SS, on behalf of R.Gareth Ellis, of 6 Flitton Hill, Flitton, Bedford MK45 5EA.

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