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Vote Green – feel good about Bedford

Whatever some mayoral candidates think and say, we can’t pretend Bedford is cut off from the rest of the world. Pollution we generate affects the climate (which in turn increases the chances of local rivers flooding). What we buy may have been fairly, or unfairly, traded on world markets. This election shouldn’t be selfishly about who is best for Bedford (and we know that is Justina), it should be about who is best to lead Bedford in doing its bit for the benefit of all.

Other parties talk about being Green, but that's all it is: talk. The Tories are considering policy options that might reduce the climate change impact of flying - but haven't committed to them, despite the evidence they are desperately needed. Labour won't even consider them, instead pushing through airport expansion. Meanwhile the LibDems opposed congestion charging in Edinburgh, and supported the building of the Newbury and Winchester Bypasses, which have helped generate extra road traffic. If you want to 'go green', there is only one way to vote: for the Green Party candidate. Anything else is voting for a party that accepts the problem is real, but doesn't have the courage to do enough about it. We only have one planet. We can't afford to get this wrong!

About Justina Mclennan

Ball Born & bred in Bedford
Ball Educated at John Bunyan Upper School and Bedford College
Ball Volunteer and Secretary for Marlins Special Needs Water Activities club, based in Bedford, for approximately 10 years
Ball Co-ordinator for Bedford Animal Action
Ball Interests: Reading and logical puzzles, walking, especially hill and mountain walking, running and keeping fit (although this has taken a back seat in recent months!).

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Justina Mclennan says:

My programme for Bedford:

I want us to feel good about Bedford. I’ll start with a programme to:

With better planning and a fresh positive approach Bedford could be the best place to live and work in the South East

I want to make Bedford cleaner, greener and safer, so that we can feel good about our town

I oppose NIRAH. The aquarium planned near Stewartby will bring endangered species into captivity, not for conservation, but to help drugs companies increase their profits. If the supporters of this scheme get their way, it will be a destination for day trippers from London, bringing traffic congestion, but no benefits, to Bedford.


The Green Party is growing locally, with a record number of candidates this May. The Green Party is growing regionally, with more councillors than ever, including in Oxford, Norwich, Suffolk, Essex and Watford. The Green Party is growing nationally, with a record number of votes at the last general election. This May we have a very real chance of getting the first Green elected in Bedfordshire.

For more information on the Green Party’s campaigns, get in touch - 0777 912 926 9 or email ben.foley@ntlworld.com.
or for more details of Green Party policies for Bedford see our main Bedford page.

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Important note:
All voters in Bedford Borough get a chance to vote Green in the Mayoral election, and because of the electoral system, there is no danger of a 'wasted vote', since if (unfortunately) the Green candidate isn't one of the two with the highest votes, your second preference will be counted instead. The only wasted vote is one where you give your first preference vote to a candidate that isn't the one that you really want to win.

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Promoted by Ben Foley, 70 Spenser Road, Bedford, on behalf of Justina Mclennan, 28 Goldington Road, Bedford

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