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Councillor Marina Torselli on the Proposed M1 Widening

Marina Torselli

As a Green Party member I am strongly opposed to the M1 widening.

I am a local Town Councillor and, therefore, am committed to improvement and protection of the local area.

I feel this widening is most unlikely to improve travelling time - one only has to look at the M25, which in places is 5 lanes wide, to confirm this.

The new lane is to be a part-time multi-occupancy lane - this could be initiated with the existing lanes, and, indeed, should be, to trial the feasibility of the practice.

I use the M1 frequently but, even if there were a slight improvement in travelling conditions, I am not willing to be party to the extremes of environmental damage which will be ensured by widening the M1.

Consider the millions of pounds which will be wasted, the delays which will be experienced for in excess of 3 years whilst parts of the M1 are closed, and the disappointment at the end of all the work when very little, if any, improvement is experienced, and finally the irony that fossil fuels will run out within the next 30 years and the M1's tarmac is destined to crack and daisies and buttercups will grow through - why waste all that money and kill all those trees and animals - to create a giant car park (like the M25)?

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