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Local Elections 3rd May 2007

In addition to the great victory in Mid Beds (see our home page):

Record numbers of Green Party candidates in Luton achieved record results

Liberal Democrats (who controlled the council before this election) beaten by Greens in three Luton wards

Percentages are based on average votes per party

South Ward (3 vacancies)
High Town Ward (2 vacancies)
Labour840    Labour672
Labour734    Labour617
Labour657    Conservative592
Conservative619    Conservative563
Conservative610    Melanie Parker (Green)24814.9%
Conservative447    Liberal Democrat195
Marc Scheimann (Green)26615.0%   Liberal Democrat191
Liberal Democrat249
Liberal Democrat221
Liberal Democrat162

Crawley Ward (2 vacancies)
Lewsey Ward (3 vacancies)
Liberal Democrat1137    Labour1287
Liberal Democrat969    Labour1231
Labour452    Labour1152
Labour305    Conservative586
Denis Parker (Green)24714.7%   Conservative428
   Liberal Democrat415
   Liberal Democrat374
   Liberal Democrat336
   David Nash (Green)25310.9%

Farley Ward (3 vacancies)
Bramingham Ward (2 vacancies)
Labour1429    Conservative1130
Labour1412    Conservative1124
Labour1377    Labour412
Conservative469    Labour398
Conservative439    Liberal Democrat213
BNP357    Liberal Democrat181
Conservative345    Jean Parker1286.9%
Tracy Finlan (Green)2358.5%
Liberal Democrat205
Liberal Democrat170
Liberal Democrat150

Bedford mayoral election result

Green vote more than doubles

Justina Mclennan secured 1538 first preference votes, which is a massive increase on the 735 for the Green Party candidate in the first Mayoral election. There was a comparable increase in the Green percentage of the votes cast.

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