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By-Election in Luton, High Town Ward
Thursday 30th June 2016

Lyn Bliss Gets Best Green Result in Luton Ever !

Percent of Poll
Lyn Bliss (Green)27321.5
Liberal Democrat18114.2
Photo of Lyn Bliss

General Election 2015 National Summary

The Green Party has the distinction of having increased its share of the vote in every constituency contested, compared with 2010, believed to be the only UK-wide party to manage this.

% of Votes
% of Seats
Seats Earned
Liberal Democrat2,415,88887.91.2351
Plaid Cymru181,69430.60.464
Sinn Fein176,23240.60.624

Click here to see all the 2015 General Election results in Luton and Bedfordshire

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How to Stealthily Privatise the NHS - and the Green Alternative

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These images show Green Party policies
on some current issues:

Vaccinate, not exterminate badgers
End tuition fees
Re-nationalise the railways
End arms sales to Israel

European Parliament Election Results

The Green Party held both the seats being defended (in the south-east and in London) and won another (in the south-west). Not only that, we beat the Liberal Democrats in every region but one. Unlike the overall winners this time, we are making steady progress and will continue to do so, while their bubble will undoubtedly burst as soon as people discover their objectionable extreme right-wing policies on all social and economic issues - policies which they worked hard to hide during this election.

European Parliament Election Results in Beds






Conservative Party11,44820,9676,47638,891
Labour Party9,6039,62316,84736,073
Green Party2,8365,0191,9469,801
Liberal Democrats3,2663,5341,5728,372
An Independence from Europe6901,1407712,601
Christian Peoples Alliance4744873691,330
English Democrats3236573191,299
British National Party3115074281,246


The case in favour

The government's misguided policy of building more and more gas-fired power stations is making the country ever more dependent on our dwindling gas supplies, supplemented by expensive and unreliable imports, primarily from east Europe and Russia. Fracking will, the government hopes, provide all the gas we need for many years to come and this may well be true. The prime minister also quotes USA experience to claim that this will drive down energy prices in this country, but there is little doubt that this is either wishful thinking or, more likely, a deliberate lie designed to undermine opposition. An independent investigation has shown it will make little difference to energy prices in UK, where the energy market is very different from that in USA.

The case against

From start to finish, fracking is an industrial process that threatens our water and our health. Fracking requires millions of gallons of water, sand and hundreds of toxic chemicals that are pumped deep underground under enormous pressure to release gas trapped in rock formations.

Fracking is already happening in many parts of USA. In each case, fracking has brought a host of problems to local residents. Roads are crumbling under constant use by hundreds of lorries and heavy machinery travelling to and from drilling sites, trees and meadows are flattened to make room for concrete well pads, and fish, birds and other wildlife are dying off in record numbers in and around drilling sites.

Fracking jeopardises our health, too. In Dimock, Pennsylvania, USA, residents can no longer drink, bathe, or otherwise use their well water because itís been poisoned by fracking. In otherwise rural Wyoming air pollution from fracking rivals Los Angeles. On some days the air is so polluted that residents are advised to stay indoors! Many of the toxic chemicals used in fracking fluids are known carcinogens.

In Lancashire fracking, still only at the exploratory stage, has already caused minor earthquakes.

Having claimed before the last election that his government would be "the greenest ever" the prime minister is, on this subject as on others, going in the opposite direction. If all the gas which could be released by fracking is extracted and used, the emissions will drive global warming far beyond the levels that allow human and most other life to exist on this planet. This policy will lead to inevitable disaster for the whole world unless it is stopped quickly.

At present there are no known proposals for fracking in Bedfordshire or Luton, but we need to be prepared in case the giant corporations who seem to control our government do decide to come here. We are calling on local councils in our area to declare Bedfordshire a no-fracking zone, and to commit themselves now to rejecting any planning applications for fracking in our area. Please sign Peter Burrows' on-line petition by clicking this link.

Fracking water

Not a One-Issue Party

Many people seem to think the Green Party is concerned with the environment to the exclusion of all else. This is far from being the case. Among many other policies, the Green Party is pressing (and has detailed, costed policies) to:

  • Keep the NHS a public service rather than a private business
  • Increase pensions to £170 per week
  • Create over one million long-term jobs
  • Introduce a living wage, not a minimum wage
  • Make the tax system fair

We want real changes, not just a slogan about change
To find out more, visit the main Green Party web site

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This page is your entry point for information about the Green Party in Luton and Bedfordshire generally, who we are and what we stand for, how to contact us plus links to other relevant organisations.

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News, Announcements and Campaigns

Next Local Party Meeting

Why not come to our next local meeting to find out more about what the Green Party is doing and planning in Luton and Bedfordshire? Click here for details of the next meeting.

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What We Stand for in Outline

Listed below are just a few of the policies with which we want to improve the lives of everyone (in the longer term, even the super-rich and corporate directors who are most opposed to us). Details and reasoning can be found on the main Green Party web site.

Green ball Stop global warming You might like to see Jim Fisher's personal comment on this
Green ball Real democracy at all levels of government
Green ball Local control of local matters
Green ball Genuinely sustainable development
Green ball Government for ordinary people, not for big business
Green ball Social justice in place of greed
Green ball High quality education in every school, and one close to every child to minimise unnecessary travel
Green ball High quality services in every hospital, and one close to every household to minimise unnecessary travel
Green ball High quality, affordable public transport
Green ball Affordable, decent, energy-efficient housing, making maximum use of brown-field sites
Green ball Maintain and enhance local communities by preserving local shops, post offices and schools, especially in villages and clamp down hard on edge-of-town supermarkets. There is a non-party-political campaign on this topic

This photo shows a joint Green Party/Greenpeace demonstration against locating nuclear waste dumps in Bedfordshire, which took place recently in Bedford:

Green Party/Greenpeace joint demo

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Local policies

To see discussion of local issues in the different parts of our area, click on the appropriate link below:

Policies for Bedfordshire and Luton as a whole
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