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The following letter was published on 21st Oct 2007 in Bedfordshire on Sunday

Plastic bag alert is right
Sir - Bryan Eglington believes there is no need for Cllr Whitehead's call for public consultation on the use of plastic bags and states in his letter last week that climate change is a 'perfectly natural event' to which mankind's contribution has been 'so insignificant it can be dismissed'.

Mr Eglington is obviously out of step with mainstream scientific opinion if he truly believes this.

Al Gore and the International Panel on Climate Change did not win the Nobel Peace Prize last week for nothing.

While there is no point, at this stage, in debating with him the reality or not of unnaturally rapid climate change and our responsibility for it, it is worth stating a few facts about plastic carrier bags that Cllr Whitehead may have had in mind: They create a visible problem in terms of litter and are a danger to marine life.

Being made from oil, they are unsustainable in being used once, or perhaps twice.

Shoppers pay for them in the price of the goods they purchase, whether they like it or not.

The only sustainable long term answer is strong reusable bags, made of cotton or string, for example.

Lucy Bywater
Green Party Howbury Street,Bedford

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